WedPics Lets You Crowdsource Your Wedding Album

One of the most clever wedding photo ideas I’ve ever heard involved buying a bunch of disposable cameras and handing them out to guests attending a wedding. Those guests would then have fun snapping shots of people and decor throughout the ceremony and reception. At the end of the night, all the cameras would be turned in and the bride and groom would reap the rewards of a cheap (and fun) idea.

In today’s age, if you’re like most of us, you probably carry around a fairly advanced camera with you almost everywhere you go. It fits in your pocket and does a variety of things that no disposable camera could ever do. So why not put this existing technology to work for you through an app that guests can download (on Android or iOS) absolutely free?

Enter WedPics, a service that enables you to build a wedding album out of crowdsourced images taken on guests’ own smartphones. At $99, you can sign up to have your wedding documented in photos on WedPics. This could be a lot cheaper than buying everyone a disposable camera or hiring a photographer to do the job for you.

The app itself has a number of useful features such as artistic overlays and an interactive Web-based photo album, but the real power of this service may be in being able to order and receive printed albums of your big day.

Photography is something couples spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for. What may appear at first to be a relatively simple process of hiring a photographer becomes a big deal very quickly as secondary photographers, videographers, photo mastering, and printing costs become involved.

In addition, giving your guests something to do (and have fun with) can be a great way to engage them and make them part of the whole experience. After all, a lot of these folks are going to be snapping photos of your big day anyway. I’ll never forget looking out to the crowd during my wedding and seeing my father’s face hidden behind the back-end of an iPhone. He was taking photos of our nuptials. Behind him were two of my wife’s relatives doing the same thing. In fact, about half of the people there were watching through the screen on their smartphones. Had we taken advantage of this as a secondary (or potentially) primary photo source, we might have ended up with a lot more shots at the end of the day.

Our photographer was brilliant, and without her team there we might not have captured the shots we did during what felt like an extremely rushed event. I wouldn’t say that WedPics would replace your photographer if quality is your utmost concern, but it certainly could provide an additional value-add to your overall wedding efforts.

WedPics hasn’t launched yet, but with an Android app already on the market and an iOS app awaiting approval, it should be available any time now. You can sign up right now and get 50% off your album for entering your email address prior to launch.

Would you give WedPics a try?

14 comments On WedPics Lets You Crowdsource Your Wedding Album

  • I’d be really interested in seeing something like this for full on events or even maybe add-ons for other events and such. What about those of us without wedding pics!? I have so many OTHER pictures of events though. =D

  • We’re using it for our October wedding. We were going to disposable cameras until we came across WedPics. Just makes sense considering the “techy” times we live in…and it’s cheaper.

  • Great story Ryan! We’re really excited about the product and can’t wait to fully deliver!

  • saundra hadley

    I’m a professional event/wedding planner. Something like this would be great to collect additional photos from your wedding (or, but NEVER to replace your photographer. In one paragraph you suggest not replacing a professional wedding photographer and then you have this comment in another paragraph: “This could be a lot cheaper than buying everyone a disposable camera or hiring a photographer to do the job for you.” Unless your wedding is with 10 people standing underneath a beautiful oak tree, then you are going to want professional photos. It’s all you have to show for your day.

    • Not everyone has the budget for a photographer. A good photographer can run you over $3,000. I wouldn’t say replace your photographer if you have the means, but not everyone does. When cost is an issue, go with what you can afford.

    • I’m a photographer myself, and I will not have a ‘pro’ photographer at my wedding for several reasons. I believe in the value of the moment. The quality of photos has nothing to do with just the artistic beauty. Here in Sweden, weddings photographers cost upwards of $6000. Frankly, I would rather spend that money on an impressive cake.
      So this gives me the option of giving all the guests the joy of sharing their perspectives. I would still recommend getting at least some professional portraits of yourself and the bride. Beyond that, it’s personal choice I gather.

    • Hey Saundra, I’m one of the co-founders and helped build wedpics- I also photograph weddings occasionally 🙂 As you say, iPhones really can’t replace the magic of D4 and 30 hours of photoshop touch ups, this is definitely a complimentary service to the wedding photographer. Like you said though, a photographer though can make good use of this service for collecting guests’ photos and doing touch-ups on them, our unique interface allows the admin to use one click and download all the pictures from album.

  • Okay, where the hell was this back in March when I married the love of my life in a room full of iPhones?

    • Hey Chris, you can always buy a copy, invite all your guests to the album and collect all those photos! I bet your guests still have them 🙂

    • Hey Chris, you can always buy a copy, invite all your guests to the album and collect all those photos! I bet your guests still have them 🙂

  • This is really interesting. I have to keep this in mind for our wedding next year 🙂 I could write a review of the experience then.

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