What is GoToManage?

GoToManage is another product from Citrix that is meant to handle virtually any remote IT task. Remote desktop control for attended and unattended assistance, network and server monitoring, IT search, and inventory management can all be done from this one service.

Citrix has a large and well-known line of products, each focused on providing easy and professional solutions to common computing problems including remote desktop management, teaching, webinar, and assistance tools. GoToManage is one of the latest and most comprehensive of Citrix’s services, making IT infrastructure support and management easier to handle remotely.

Remote Support

Where GoToAssist and GoToMyPC are great for assistance and remote desktop applications, GoToManage is geared towards the IT professional who needs immediate access to all of the information necessary for troubleshooting issues from wherever they may be.

Using an iPad, a GoToManage user can remotely access their desktop at work, or the desktop of a user experiencing issues. Remote monitoring and diagnostic systems for servers and networking equipment is also available at your fingertips. Unlike GoToAssist, these features are built in to allow you fast access and management from a single service.

The primary goal with any Citrix product is ease of use. By sending your client a single email with a link they can click to join the remote session, the required actions on the part of your client are kept to a minimum. You can access their machine in seconds, solve the problem and/or show them the solution, and go about your day. Within one minute, I was able to sign up for GoToManage, start a session, and see my client’s desktop. I had complete control, and could resolve their problems right away instead of having to go through a lengthy verbal troubleshooting process of asking them to describe everything that popped up on the screen.

For a contract IT professional who has multiple clients with various infrastructure types, GoToManage may well be one of the best investments you could make. Imagine being able to do the vast majority of your job not only from home, but from your iPad wherever you may be at a moment’s notice.

You can also set up unattended support and add Windows systems to your inventory so you can quickly access them whenever necessary. This means that if someone goes down at the office and no one is there to handle it, you can still monitor and access these systems remotely.


Your inventory can consist of virtually any device on the network. Apple/OS X computers, print servers, printers, servers, exchange servers, SNMP capable devices, Windows servers, and Windows workstations can all be added to your inventory. In addition, there is a space where you can manage and track software in inventory including number of installs, oldest version, and newest version so you can keep track of updates and licensing. What’s more is you don’t have to enter all of this data by hand.


Virtually anything can be added and monitored using a crawling tool called the GoToManage Open Source Crawler that gives you the ability to quickly find and catalog any device connected to your network. This is a great tool for getting started and quickly taking inventory of everything currently accessing your company’s important data. Whenever the Crawler discovers a new device, it immediately collects data about it and adds it to your search index, making it easier to find and identify that device in the future.

Search Index

Your search index is accessible only to yourself, making it a secure IT management tool that doesn’t leave important and sensitive data about the IT infrastructure at risk. The search index is made up of both structured and unstructured data stored in a dual database. This allows GoToManage to store related data in a way that allows you to search for a category of equipment by keyword, brand, or other related information.

Network assets appear on the inventory section of the home page of your GoToManage account, populated by the data that your GoToManage crawler has collected. You can see the asset’s current status, and any potential problems the Crawler detects.


You can also set up alerts that allow you to quickly find out about and take action against various happenings on your network. For example, if your server is reaching its capacity, you will receive an alert letting you know the percentage of free space available once a certain threshold has been reached. Receiving an alert when a system’s RAM or CPU capacity is being reached is another way to quickly identify and counter potentially costly downtime as the result of a DOS attack.


Automation is one of the most powerful tools of any IT department. By automating various repetitive tasks, system upgrades and software installs across an entire department are made much easier. GoToManage has an automation tool available, giving users the ability to set up complex tasks using custom or pre-written automation scripts provided by Citrix.


Having all the information you need in one place that you can reference at a glance is a great time saver for any IT department. GoToManage gives you the ability to set up your own dashboard including a vast array of important information. You can customize your dashboards to show network, server health, VMware data, inventory, and searches that you’ve saved.

Reports, Charts, Tables, and Graphs

One of the most challenging tasks an IT department has to deal with is explaining the goings on to management during regular meetings. Being able to provide a visual representation of what you’re encountering is a great way to bridge the gap of understanding between IT and the client. GoToManage has a system in place to allow you to create a chart out of virtually any graphable data point logged in the service.

In addition, regular reports of your attended and unattended remote access are managed by GoToManage and made available to you when needed. This can provide evidence for billing, internal management, and other important tasks as needed.


Monitoring traffic flow is an important part of any comprehensive IT strategy. GoToManage handles this through a Flash-based visualizer, usage charts, and listings of top conversations, users, and hosts that are eating away at your network’s limited bandwidth. By making this data available at a glance, you can better identify and nip any problematic usage in the bud.

Over all, GoToManage is a one stop shop for IT management. Small companies and enterprise-level corporations may benefit from the simple and remotely accessible tools provided by Citrix. With everything being secured through 256-bit encryption, it certainly serves as one of the more secure cloud-based remote access services available.

You can try GoToManage free for 45 days by entering the promo code: PIRILLO45

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