What It’s Like to Live with a Geek: Angela’s Story

In an ongoing series here on LockerGnome, several of us writers have agreed to hand the keyboard over to our significant others to get their take on what it’s like living with someone who writes about technology as their professional passion.

I’ve been married to my wife Angela for two years now, and we lived together for a couple of years before that. She has had to endure a number of inconveniences including a computer desk in the bedroom while we shared a one-bedroom apartment, a bunch of gadgets strewn around the apartment, the loss of our spare bedroom (which became my home office), action figures and other geek paraphernalia placed in common areas such as the living room, and other issues that will no doubt come to light in this article.

Angela’s Story

When I met Ryan, I thought he was strange because he had blue hair and he would always talk about playing video games with his friends at work. I found it interesting that he had a radio show, but it was only playing on the Internet. When we were dating, he would frequently talk about things like Second Life, computers, and Twitter.

When we moved in together, I was surprised about just how much time he could spend in front of the computer. He would watch videos, play games, chat, and I always had to check to see if his webcam was on before entering the room.

Don’t get me started on LAN parties. I don’t understand them. If you’re going to play games together, why don’t you just play games like you normally do from your own home? Dungeons & Dragons is another thing I don’t understand.

I learn a lot of new things living with him, too. Model rockets and LEGO are a lot of fun. When my computer breaks, it’s nice to have someone who can fix it for me in the same room. I like to watch the videos he edits, too.


My advice to anyone who finds themselves in a relationship with a geek is to try to find a common ground and shared interests. You might be surprised at what you both enjoy. Making time for one another is important.

It’s also important to make sure that each of you has your own hobbies and interests. You don’t have to like everything the person you’re with does. It’s good to have some time to yourself so you don’t end up driving the other person crazy. If you can find that balance somewhere in the middle of too much and too little time together, then you’re on the right track.

There are many types of geeks out there. Computer geeks may love computers and everything about them, but that doesn’t mean they share a lot of common ground with LEGO geeks or Renaissance geeks. Everyone is different, and you never know when that geeky person sitting across from you might just surprise you. You may even end up married to him/her years later.

13 comments On What It’s Like to Live with a Geek: Angela’s Story

  • Thanks for sharing a personal part of your lives. Great article.

  • Agreed, very insightful.

  • I think that geeks are great for each other but if you find someone else this artical is sure to help. Nice work.

  • Hah, may end up sending this to my gf, just to see what she thinks about it. Very nice article.

  • Well it’s not so bad. When anyone in my house has a question about technology, they come to me, and I answer it as best as I could.
    My brother ask me a whole lot of questions.
    So does my Dad.
    Great article.

  • My wife should read this article. however i get its easier for my wife to deal with my bc i’m not a stereotypical geek. meaning i dont look like a geek however if you have a long enough conversion with me you realize i’m a geek head…lol so my wife and i dont talk much about computers and stuff…lol

  • I’m a third generation geek so I feel right at home

  • I think this was a very interesting perspective. Not only does your significant other explain her point-of-view in your career but to also admit that she doesn’t understand everything you do is intriguing.

  • I think this is good advice whether you live with a geek or not. A couple must have shared interests as well as interests of their own. A couple must do things together. That is one of the reasons for being together. However, each person in the relationship must have an interest of their own. One should not expect a partner to like everything they do. We are all different, and our partners should respect those differences. As the article says, a balance must be struck between partners. It is not always easy to do, but that is what can make things interesting between people.

  • Yeah, we geeks com in all different types. Great story, I hope you enjoy your marriage for many more years to come! (At first I though the pic was a futuristic Chris and Diana…!)

  • I like the nice note Angela ends on. Geeks are probably the nicest people you’ll meet, actually.

  • Nice article … my GF could learn a lot from this she finds it really hart at times to live with me cause all i talk about or ever do revolves around Computers it is really tough to find a common ground for both of us it is a very common thing for me to get the “Deer in Headlights” look when i try to explaine something to her or most ppl for that much

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