What to Expect from CES 2013

CESCES 2013 is around the corner and the entire consumer electronics industry is anxiously awaiting the event to introduce the latest products and set the stage for consumer technology in 2013. Taking place in Las Vegas, NV on January 8-11, CES is the largest industry show in the US.

So what can we expect out of CES 2013? What will the trends be at the upcoming trade show and how might these announcements impact the consumer electronics market throughout the coming year?


This year’s Samsung Galaxy Camera was an early look at what appears to be a quickly-growing trend of Android-powered cameras that expand photo taking well beyond the simple integrated cameras currently included on smartphones and tablets. Indeed, point-and-shoot cameras have become far more sophisticated over the years and it was only a matter of time before more comprehensive software would be paired with the devices.

Polaroid’s IM1836 is an example of a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera powered by Android we can expect to hear a lot about as American tech sites get their first hands-on look at it.


It seems with each passing year, television sets get bigger and brighter. CES 2012 gave us a lot to think about in terms of 4k and greater resolutions on televisions. This year seems to be all about large LED screens exceeding 100 inches and intelligent software that makes settop boxes and other application-driven hardware largely irrelevant.

Westinghouse hopes to make headlines – as if it hasn’t already – by unveiling a 110-inch 4K television at CES 2013. This would be a fairly expensive and impractical purchase for most users as a TV of this size is easily too big for the standard home. That said, it’s fun to think about a screen size that once stole the show due to its absurdity is now becoming a bit more commonplace. A large screen like this would be an excellent choice for small auditoriums and presentations, but I’m still not totally sold on the idea of having such a large screen in the living room. Projectors are still a worthwhile choice for many users.

Speaking of projectors, we’ve seen a burst of interest in portable applications over the past few years. ELMO USA is set to show off its 1.3-pound portable projector on the show floor. 3M and others focusing on pocket projectors are also sure to bring something to the table that makes fans of the technology quite happy.


Wireless charging is quickly becoming a big deal. With the Nexus 4 being a hint at why wireless charging is in demand for users, it’s just a matter of time before more of our mobile devices are charging without the cable clutter. Duracell and Energizer have already had wireless charging solutions on the market for some time, but native support from device manufacturers would certainly speed up adoption by consumers.

Less Microsoft

Even with a brand new operating system and a number of new devices on Microsoft’s plate, it’s painfully obvious that CES is no longer Microsoft’s big showcase. This could change the dynamic for CES and steer it in a different direction.

The opening keynote will be presented by Kazuhiro Tsuga, the next president of Panasonic Corporation. I’ll be interested to see what comes out of that keynote, and the mood it will set.

You can also look forward to coverage from the showroom floor by Chris Pirillo and LockerGnome as announcements are made. Stay tuned.

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