Where to Find Windows 7 Themes and Desktop Wallpaper

One of the cool things about modern operating systems such as Windows 7 and OS X is that you can change a lot about the look and feel of your experience. Sure, you may not be able to alter all of the desktop components as you can in Linux, but with a fair degree of tweaking, you can make your virtual desktop up to look the way you want it to.

Windows 7 gives you a simple means of switching between themes, which may include a collection of background images, color scheme for Aero, etc. By downloading a theme pack, you can install an entire theme and change the way Windows looks and feels with a single click of a button.

So, where do you go to get the best content to put on your desktop? Are you tired of falling into the advertising trap that so many desktop wallpaper sites tend to be? Here are some tips from the community.


Microsoft has set up an entire section of its site dedicated to making some of the best themes found on the Web available to users. Microsoft is perhaps the most trustworthy source of these files, and has each theme available in a packaged theme that makes installation as easy as executing a single file.

Whether you’re looking for flying chickens or Mission Impossible, this site has something to suit just about any user’s taste. They’re also separated into categories such as Automotive, Art, Animals, Nature, Movies, and more. It’s really a fairly nice collection.


Wallbase is a cluttered mess at first glance, but once you start searching, it turns out to be anything but. The wallpapers offered by Wallbase range from elegant to sexy, allowing you to refine your search by keyword, resolution, SFW (safe for work) rating, aspect ratio, and more.

Craighton Miller, a frequent contributor to LockerGnome, stated: “Wallbase is my go to place for finding great new and cool looking wallpaper”

Scott Ellison, a member of the LockerGnome community, echoed this sentiment. He stated that he usually just updates wallpapers, and Wallbase is his primary source.


Reddit may be a surprising entry into this list, but it came highly recommended by Musicphann, a member of the LockerGnome community at large.

Reddit is a great source of information and links as recommended by peers on the network. It’s only natural that interesting and otherwise useful desktop components find their way on the site.

This is a great way to see some of the latest and most popular wallpaper-worthy images from around the Web. If anything, it’s worth a look when you’re searching for something impressive to fill your screen with while you’re out of the office.


InterfaceLIFT is another great site dedicated to desktop wallpaper and other images that are sure to keep your eyes entertained throughout the day. Each image is categorized and displayed alongside a story that tells a little tale about the image you’re viewing.

For example, the current top image on the site is of a gorgeous mountain range set against a break in the clouds, casting down rays on a body of water. The story next to the image explains the photographer’s discovery and the equipment used to take the shot.

No matter how you customize your desktop, remember that nothing matters more than your own personal experience. Whether you’re big on simplicity or in love with complex fractals, the Web is full of interesting and amusing images that should keep your eyes occupied for some time to come.


deviantART is perhaps one of the oldest and most well-known artist communities on the Web. Photographs, paintings, digital renderings, and other pieces (referred to as “deviations”) fill the site’s database. While you might not find images sized specially for your particular monitor, there are quite a few unique and interesting images that may well deserve a spot on your desktop.

What’s even more interesting, is that deviantART plays a significant role in assisting artists with doing their thing. Whether it’s through providing a platform to post and receive feedback on their work, or through providing a method in which image editors can exchange tools and tips, this site has it all.


To say that Flickr is full of great photographs would be an understatement. Flickr is one of the leading sites on the Web for photographers to display and share their work. Many of these images are available in super high-resolution. Some photographers opt to make their work available on a Creative Commons license, while others make a few extra bucks off the licensing of their content.

That said, there is no shortage of unique and original photographs in the Flickr database. With a simple keyword search, you can find images from just about any genre taken from places all around the world.

What about you? Where do you go to find the best desktop wallpaper or Windows 7 themes?

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