Where to Get Tacos at SXSW

So you managed to make the trip all the way down to Austin, TX for their annual festival and most of your spending money was absorbed by the horrific travel costs that come with record gas prices. Great local cuisine is all over the city, but where do you go for a quick bite without breaking the bank?

First, authentic Mexican restaurants are all over the place. You will find one on pretty much every block in commercial districts and many of them are quite good. In a sense, you can get great Mexican food anywhere. Sometimes, you just want something a bit specific and unique.

Here are two great suggestions if you are in the mood for tacos:

Torchy’s Tacos
Torchy’s is a local favorite to Austinites with their unique style and excellent flavor. Their prices are pretty reasonable, too. ¬†Their tacos range from $3.25 to $4.00 and one is enough to fight back hunger while two will fill you.

For meat lovers, I’d recommend a Crossroads which includes a smoked beef brisket or the Republican featuring a jalapeno sausage.

For vegetarians, the Fried Avocado is very good and one of their more filling selections.

They also serve breakfast tacos.


Cabo Bob’s
This is a taco bar with pretty much anything you could imagine available for your enjoyment. Various flavors of tortillas, meats, cheeses, rice, beans, and other toppings are not only available but consistently fresh.

Austin is full of immigrants from California, and Cabo Bob’s has been a favorite among residents looking for that taste of home.

Some of their more popular selections include their Baja Fish Tacos, Brisket and Queso, and Bob’s Chicken Bowl.


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