Why Podcasts are Better than TV Shows

1. Direct Audience Interaction
Some TV shows have a call-in line and other ways of interacting with their audience, but nothing compares to the kind of interaction that goes on with podcasts. Readers can often email the host directly, and enjoy the fact that hosts are more than paid actors that really don’t know much about the field to which they present. Podcasts are generally build within communities which the producers play a big role in. This is a big difference that draws a lot of fans to podcasts rather than keeping them on television.

2. Podcasts are Cheaper
There is no price in this world better than free. In many ways, podcasts are distributed in methods that require the least possible investment. You can enjoy podcasts from your phone, computer, mobile device, and any other method that plays audio and/or video. You don’t receive a monthly bill from your cable company for downloading podcasts. They are driven by advertising revenue in general, and their ads are considerably less prevalent than in standard television.

3. Television is Annoying
Commercials tend to ruin your immersion in your favorite television program. They often last up to five minutes and seem to be spaced closer and closer together as time goes on. This is not the way entertainment in the podcasting world is set up. Ads are usually blended with the content, and are more targeted as you find audiences are set more in to niches and less general in podcasting.

4. Podcasts Don’t Have a Schedule
If you miss your favorite television show, and forgot to hit record on Tivo, or don’t own a DV-R, you might be out of luck unless you go to the ad-infused network website. Podcasts are ready for you when you are, and are available for download so no active internet connection is required.

5. Podcasts Have Variety
Whether you’re a tech nerd listening to This Week in Tech, a college student that loves Diggnation, or a wine lover watching Wine Library TV, podcasts have variety. One can argue that there is a channel for virtually every taste out there, but how many quality shows are you missing out on by not subscribing to podcasts? I can tell you there are no copies of the Midwest Teen Sex Show on network TV.

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