You Can Rent Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

If you typically upgrade your Adobe Creative software on a yearly basis to take advantage of all the new features, you might be in luck thanks to Adobe’s new rental policy. This means you can pay monthly, or annually, for software that you really won’t be keeping around past that point. The yearly subscription rate is significantly lower than it would be for buying the software outright.

The new pricing scheme offers two different plans. If you’re working on a short-term project or trying out a new employee before investing, a month-to-month plan is available at a slightly higher price than the yearly. For example, if you decide you need PhotoShop for a month or two, each month runs $49. If you are willing to commit to a year, your monthly rate drops and PhotoShop would be available to you at $35 / month.

Source: Adobe

Through this initiative, Adobe is targeting customers of older suites that don’t qualify for upgrades, freelancers, small business owners, and pretty much anyone that needs the products in the short-term.

This may be an especially good deal for short-term projects that don’t require permanent installations of pricey Adobe software.

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