Zoom APH2n Accessory Pack Review

Zoom APH2n Accessory Pack ReviewHaving a good audio recorder is great, but the experience could be even better if you have the right accessories to go along with it. I recently purchased a Zoom H2n, which I use as a primary audio recorder for video and audio production. The recorder itself is incredibly useful for making high quality audio recordings in a variety of situations. Directed, surround, and even mid-side recordings are possible with this single device.

As useful as it might be, there are some things I’d like to do with it that require a little something extra. This is why I made the decision to pick up the Zoom APH2n Accessory Pack. This pack is made for the H2n, but can also be quite useful for owners of other Zoom audio recorders like the H2 and H4n.

Here’s a look at some of the accessories you get with the product, and how they actually work out for the user.

Wired Remote Control

This small wired remote control connects to a dedicated remote port on the H2n and allows you to record, pause, and mark audio segments without touching or otherwise disturbing the device itself. The sound of your hands hitting buttons on the H2n can come through on a recording, so having a wired remote available makes it easier to control your equipment without corrupting the audio.

An extension cord makes it possible to sit six feet away from the H2n and still maintain control.


The windscreen is really useful. It has sections cut out to keep controls at reach, except for the microphone switch at the top of the device. It does a great job of reducing wind noise and preventing certain sounds from creating a pop on the track as the subject breathes on the mic. It isn’t exactly a pop filter, but it does work in a pinch if you need to closely mic someone.

I did find that this particular windscreen looks pretty big and bulky, so I wouldn’t use it if the H2n was going to be on camera.

USB Cable and AC Adapter

This particular set of accessories isn’t exactly made for the H2n. The USB cable works well enough to allow you to transfer files and/or use the H2n as a USB microphone, but the charger doesn’t make total sense to me. It doesn’t charge anything since the H2n runs of AA batteries. I’ll probably use the charger for something else since it provides standard USB power, but I’m not entirely sold on this being an accessory worth buying this pack for.

If you plan on running the device around the clock, then it could be worth the asking price for you. Even with batteries alone, the H2n runs for a good 40 hours.

Adjustable Tripod Stand

This is just a standard metallic desktop tripod. It isn’t big enough to handle much more than a small camera or audio recording device, but it will position your microphone very well on a desk or similar surface. It could be worthwhile if you plan on using the recorder as a desktop microphone or recording an interview. It’s stable tripod and it adjusts very easily.

Mic Clip Adapter

This is one of those devices you would either love or have no idea what to use it for. It screws into the tripod mount on the bottom of the device and provides a handle you can use to clip the H2n to a standard microphone stand. As an additional benefit, you can use it to hold the H2n as if you were holding a wireless microphone, making it useful for doing interviews in the field.

Be careful, though. The H2n has a plastic microphone mount and it will fly off the stand if swung or knocked around during use.

Padded Shell case

This case is great for travel, but only if you don’t plan on having any of the other accessories with you. It fits the H2n and many other Zoom recorders just fine, but the windscreen and microphone clip will need to be stored elsewhere. It’s quite protective and you can never have enough hard-shell pouches with you while traveling.

The Zoom APH2n Accessory Pack is available from Amazon.

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